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"RSI Team Green has kept our cooling towers, chillers and chilled loops (currently over 600 systems)  clean and running efficiently since 1990."

Chris Marlin, Worldwide Data & Media Company

"RSI Team Green works. We recommend for every cooling tower and chiller we sell"

Darrell Dardenne, Pres, Florida Polymer Equipment, Cooling Towers, Chillers

Air Conditioning Companies, Manufacturer Reps and Plastic Reps please call 800.488.5879 for a great business opportunity and partnership with RSI.

What RSI Offers You:

RSI looks at each customers specific equipment and incoming water quality. From these findings, RSI makes an exact recommendation. RSI offers our service on a month to month basis. We have to keep you happy!

RSI can handle the water treatment needs of any system using water as a heat exchange. While RSI’s main product is Ecology Cells™, RSI also offers everything necessary to keep your system running smoothly from a water treatment standpoint.  This includes Ecology Cells™, Cooling Tower Balls™, environmentally safe chemicals, water softeners, filtration, automatic controllers and testing.

RSI can handle your water treatment needs while keeping you in complete compliance with EPA, state and local discharge regulations.

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Cooling Tower Controller Assembly

RSI Megatron Cooling Tower Assembly with Bleed Solenoid Real-Time Internet Capabilities