Legionella & Bacteria

RSI and RSI technologies control microbiological activity by limiting the reproduction of such organisms. Low levels of biological activity and colonization reduce the risk of possible Legionella infection. Due to the nature of cooling systems and cooling towers being air scrubbers, no water treatment vendor can make legitimate claims of 100% eliminating the presence of Legionella or any other bacteria in normal water treatment applications. Good cooling tower maintenance and good housekeeping is crucially important in the control of Legionella. Cooling towers with mud and other debris are more susceptible to Legionella and other bacteria multiplying. Click for information on Legionella Management Programs.

Suspended Solids

Suspended solids are present in most water systems. If excessive suspended solids are present, filtration may be needed, in combination with other RSI technologies, to achieve maximum performance of the water treatment program.  If a system, by design, has mudlegs, in addition to being routinely blown down, the mudlegs may need to be blown down more frequently when Ecology Cells™ are first placed in a system.  Depending on pre-existing amount of scale in a system, this will determine the frequency and period of time additional mudlegs blow downs will be required.

SDS/MSDS - Ecology Cell

As defined in OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, The Ecology Cell™ is a manufactured “article”, which does not release, or otherwise result in exposure to, a hazardous chemical, under normal conditions of use. For this reason, a Safety Data Sheet is not required.

Cooling Tower Balls™

It is the customer’s responsibility to insure cooling tower overflow drains and intakes have adequate screens placed over them. RSI is not responsible for cooling tower balls restricting flow or balls entering system due to inadequate or nonexistent screens.

Water Softeners

If a water softener is in use and/or required, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep water softener functioning properly.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all cooling towers be drained and all mud and loose material cleaned from sumps and distribution boxes on at least an annual, or more frequent if needed, basis. If Cooling Tower Balls™ are in the system, they must be removed before draining and replaced immediately once tower refilled.

New Chiller Installation

In a new chiller, to ensure the chiller tubes are clean, intact and free of corrosion, it is the customer's responsibility to open chiller and document with digital pictures and/or eddy current testing.