RSI's BleedFree™ program is a sustainable and innovative water conservation technology designed to lower high water and sewage costs for any business with a 500 ton or larger cooling tower.  This includes commercial, high tech, industrial, data center and energy production businesses.  BleedFree™ is a green process that uses high efficiency water softeners in combination with non-hazardous inhibitors to provide outstanding corrosion, scale and biological control in cooling water without having to store and discharge toxic chemicals.



BleedFree™ is the best choice for saving water, sewage costs and saving money versus conventional cooling tower water treatment.

BleedFree™  yields low corrosion rates, eliminates toxic chemicals, helps you earn LEED points, all while providing maximum water savings.

BleedFree™ Benefits:

  • Program easily saves over 100,000 gallons per 100 ton of system capacity.  This savings can be much larger, dependent on incoming water quality and higher load on system.
  • Drastically reduces testing and operator time devoted to water treatment.
  • Eliminated the water and chemical waste of full blown "bleed and feed" programs.
  • Program achieves extremely low corrosion and bacteria levels.
  • Monitoring system emails RSI and you if water is ever outside desired parameters.