BleedFree™ is a sustainable and innovative water conservation technology designed to alleviate high water costs for commercial, high tech, industrial and energy production businesses who consume vast quantities of the US fresh water supply for critical cooling needs. Multiple US and international patents support a green process that uses natural minerals in all source water to provide outstanding corrosion, scale and biological control, in cooling water, without use and discharge of toxic chemicals.

BleedFree™ is the best choice in saving water, saving money and saving equipment in cooling tower water treatment.

It yields low corrosion rates, eliminates toxic chemicals, helps you earn LEED points, and offers maximum water savings.

How BleedFree™ Works


HES pre-conditioning system removes scale forming ions from cooling tower make-up.
Permits unlimited makeup water concentrations (10-500 COC).
Silica concentrates without deposition (200 - 1000 mg/L soluble silica).
Silica chemistry protects metals from high TDS corrosion.
High TDS and pH inhibits bio & pathogen growth (biostatic tower water).
And the only material used is salt, an inexpensive and sustainable natural commodity.


         Typically reduces total treatment cost by 50% or greater.
        New Industry Standard for Corrosion Protection.
        <0.1 MPY for mild steel, copper, galvanized, aluminum.
        Non-toxic chemistry and cost effective elimination of discharge.
        No chemical handling & storage.
        Reduced testing and operator time.
        Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup source waters.
        Eliminates “bleed & feed” water wastage and chemical costs.

BleedFree™ Program Implementation

Survey of design capacity, load, water quality, environmental needs, and prior performance limitations.
Proposal with complete water savings comparison and ROI cost analysis (ESPG).
Purchase & installation of most pre-treatment systems in 2 to 8 weeks.
Monthly flat fee for method use and service, no more chemical purchases.
24/7 performance monitoring / reporting with advanced on-line remote monitoring (RPA).